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U.S. Vice Presidents: Calvin Coolidge


John Calvin Coolidge, Jr. 


Calvin Coolidge



U.S. President (August 2, 1923 - March 4, 1929)

U.S. Vice President

Date of Birth July 4, 1872
Date of Death January 5, 1933
Place of Birth Plymouth Notch, VT
Place of Death Northampton, MA
Education Amherst College
Nicknames "Silent Cal"

Victoria Josephine Moor

John Calvin Coolidge, Sr.

Spouse Grace Goodhue
Political Party


Number of Children Two

Did You Know?

President Coolidge...

  • ...was the only United States President to be sworn in by his own father. In 1923, while visiting his childhood home in Vermont, Coolidge learned of President Warren Harding's death. As it was the middle of the night, Coolidge's father--a notary public--administered the oath by lamp light.
  • ...was the president during the span of two world wars.
  • ...refused to use the telephone at the White House because he was a man of few words. Due to this he was given the nickname "Silent Cal."


Calvin Coolidge was born in Plymouth Notch, Vermont, on July 4, 1872. Coolidge rose through the ranks of Massachusetts government as a Progressive Republican. Elected U.S. vice president in 1920, he became president following the death of Warren G. Harding in 1923. Coolidge, also known as "Silent Cal," chose not to seek a second term. He died in Northampton, Massachusetts, on January 5, 1933.


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