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U.S. Vice Presidents: George Clinton


George Clinton


George Clinton by Ezra Ames (full portrait).jpg


  • New York General Assembly
    • Ulster County
  • Delegate to the Continental Congress
    • New York
  • Governor of New York
  • U.S. Vice President (March 4, 1805 - April 20, 1812)
Date of Birth July 26, 1739
Date of Death April 20, 1812
Place of Birth Little Britain, Province of New York, British America
Place of Death Washington, D.C.
  • Elizabeth Denniston
  • Charles Clinton
Spouse Sarah Tappen
Political Party


Military Service


  • Kingdom of Great Britian
  • United States

Service/Branch (Years)

  • British Army
  • Continental Army


  • Lieutenant (Great Britain)
  • Brigadier General (United States)
Number of Children Six


George Clinton took office as the nation's fourth vice president on March 4, 1805. He was the second vice president to serve under Thomas Jefferson, having replaced fellow New Yorker Aaron Burr, whose intransigence in 1800 had nearly cost Jefferson the presidency. A Revolutionary War hero who had served as governor of New York for two decades, Clinton seemed an ideal choice to supplant Burr while preserving the New York-Virginia alliance that formed the backbone of the Jeffersonian Republican coalition.

Did You Know?

Vice President Clinton...

  • ..was Vice President for both Thomas Jefferson and James Madison making him one of two Vice Presidents to do so.
  • ...voted for the Declaration of Independence.
  • ...fought with the British in the French and Indian War.

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